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Machine embroidery dates from the early 1800s with the first machines being hand guided and foot driven. The first multi needle machine was around 1823 in Switzerland. Hand guided embroidery can still be seen in some Asian countries.

By 1911 the multi headed pantogragh guided machine had been introduced and this design was very common till the late 1960s.

Electronic control of machines was introduced in the 1970s using punched tape to control movements (hence the term used for making embroidery programmes "punching"). With the introduction of computers in the 1980s the modern embroidery machine was born and little has changed in the basic design since.

Attempts have been made to make machines self threading using compressed air. Various devices for detecting sewing or thread faults have been also tried but the basic machine remains the same with the only major improvements being machine reliability and stitching speed.

Apple Clothing Embroidery & Print started 18 years ago as Apple Embroidery but changed its name in 2010 to indicate the much larger range of clothing solutions we now provide.

As well as stock garment lines and in house embroidery & printing capabilities, we can also provide custom made garments subject to minimum quantity requirements.

Screen printing and direct to garment printing can also be provided "out-of-house" as well, again subject to minimum quantities.

Apple Clothing is your one stop, convenient source for all your garment needs and remember ...........

"Our Quality Guarantee - No Lemons".

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