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A Little History

Machine embroidery dates from the early 1800s with the first machines being hand guided and foot driven. The first multi needle machine was around 1823 in Switzerland. Hand guided embroidery can still be seen in some Asian countries.

By 1911 the multi headed pantogragh guided machine had been introduced and this design was very common till the late 1960s.

Electronic control of machines was introduced in the 1970s using punched tape to control movements (hence the term used for making embroidery programmes "punching"). With the introduction of computers in the 1980s the modern embroidery machine was born and little has changed in the basic design since.

Attempts have been made to make machines self threading using compressed air. Various devices for detecting sewing or thread faults have been also tried but the basic machine remains the same with the only major improvements being machine reliability and stitching speed.

Logo Design

It is good to know the limitations on what can be embroidered. Some fonts embroider better than others. There is an absolute minimum recommended letter height of 4mm and we suggest minimum 5mm to be safe. We also generally limit chest size embroidery to a width of 13cm (11cm prefered).Reduce your logo on the computer screen to the size you expect for embroidery - is it suitable?

Before finalising logo design with you Graphic Artist it would be good for us to have a look at the draft design so that what you end up with is suitable for quality embroidery. It is important that your logo be consistent between different media - consider business cards, the side of a truck, garments, etc.Also consider that large areas of colour (stitching) adds cost to the embroidery and can also mean a large stiff area of stitches that as well as not looking good due to puckering could also be uncomfortable to wear.

Think of positioning of your embroidery on garments: do lapels get in the way; is there an internal pocket; do you need to embroider on a size 8 ladies top????????

The Art Of Embroidery

We have always tried to give the best embroidery at a competitive price, together with prompt delivery and friendly service.We do not attempt to cheapen the product by reducing stitches, using cheap thread or not using backing. Those sorts of savings are minimal in the overall costs of running an embroidery business. Inferior embroidery or poor placement of the embroidery can spoil the presentation of your garment which, we feel, is the most important thing.Embroidery will last many years and should be considered a long term investment.

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